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Fast & Pray for Ron Paul on December 23, 2007

Please skip a meal and pray that this TV special will be watched closely by a majority of Iowa voters. This 30-minute TV special will be broadcast throughout Iowa the weekend of Dec. 22-23.

Ron Paul supportersRon Paul supporters made Dec. 16th a day to remember, again!

December 16th was already a significant day for freedom in American history. It was the day that the event we have come to know as the Boston Tea Party took place in 1773. That event helped to start the American Revolution which in turn made our country a free and sovereign nation.

Ron Paul supporters decided to add significance to December 16th by supporting freedom on two fronts. On one front more than 58,000 supporters donated to the Ron Paul campaign, making history for a second time, and breaking the standing one day donation record held by John Kerry. More than 6million dollars was raised in a single 24hour period!

On the other front Ron Paul supporters took to the streets across the country to march and to re-enact the Boston Tea Party.

The unity of the growing Ron Paul movement this Dec. 16th demonstrates that the American spirit first evident in Boston in 1773 is alive and well. Let the rEVOLution begin!!!!

You can see some video and a photo album from our neck of the woods here:

Praying for Righteous Leadership

Strength, resolve, charisma, and interest in your fellow man are the defining qualities found in a good leader, but integrity, honesty, humility and a genuine love for humanity are the qualities you find in a Godly leader.

NAFTA superhighway mapCanada openly proclaims NAFTA Superhighway

A Newsweek story critical of Rep. Ron Paul and labeling the NAFTA Superhighway a baseless conspiracy theory has generated approximately 250 adverse reader responses on the "comments" section of Newsweek's website, many citing hard evidence that the proposed transcontinental trade corridor is quite real.

CNN coverage of the NAU and NAFTA Superhighway problem.

goldWhat was Germany’s secret to stopping the inflation? Ron Paul knows — it was gold!

Zink Plan’s return to gold standard will save U.S.

During the Republican CNN/YouTube primary debate, Sarah Lederach at Penn State asked what the presidential candidates would do to control the national debt. The overwhelming topic of the responses was that they would cut “pork spending,” the allocation of federal funds to the pet projects of individual legislators.


Is it not more than interesting that "pro-life" President George W. Bush, along with the "pro-life" Republican Party leadership of both houses of Congress, refused--and continues to refuse--to support Ron Paul's Sanctity of Life Act? In addition, not a single "pro-life" presidential candidate outside of Ron Paul has even bothered to mention the Sanctity of Life Act, much less aggressively call for its implementation with a promise that, if elected President, he would sign it into law. Not Huckabee; not McCain; not Thompson; not Romney; none of them!


The only way for Ron Paul to become President is if he gets the GOP nomination; The only way for Ron Paul to get the GOP nomination is if we become delegates. As delegates, we'll be voting to pick the GOP nominee just like the electors in the electoral college vote to pick the President; Delegates determine and decide who the GOP nominee is—it's that critical!

The dark side of Mike Huckabee

More important, Huckabee revealed an enduring weakness as glaring as that other Arkansas governor's fondness for women. Huckabee seems to love loot and has a dismissive attitude toward ethics, campaign finance rules and propriety in general. Since that first, failed campaign, the ethical questions have multiplied.

Open BibleFollow the Words of Paul!

At the recent CNN/YouTube Republican debate, a question was asked of the candidates: Would Jesus use the death penalty? Mike Huckabee cleverly dodged the question by stating that Jesus is not a politician. After all Huckabee, who does support the death penalty, is a Baptist minister who ceaselessly touts his devotion to Jesus’ teachings. Yet any Christian who has bothered to read any of Jesus’ word would realize that Jesus would not support the death penalty. I am sure we are all glad, as Huckabee pointed out, that Jesus is not a politician because chicken-hawks, such as Huckabee, probably would not vote for him.

To prove this point I decided to check my Bible for Jesus’ views on war, and aggression. Everyone knows what I found, so I will not bore readers with passages of scripture proving unequivocally that Jesus was against aggressive warfare and very pro-peace. Clearly he would be a cut-and-run candidate unworthy of any of the neocon Republican establishment’s support.

However, I found something else that was very interesting. It was in the Apostle Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians from the New Living Translation. Paul wrote that "We are human, but we don’t wage war as humans do. We use God’s mighty weapons, not worldly weapons, to knock down the strongholds of human reasoning and to destroy false arguments." 2 Cor.10:3–4.

Does this sound like something Huckabee would endorse? Does it sound like something any of the Republican candidates would endorse? The only one I can think of is a man also named Paul. Ron Paul. Here are some quotes from Ron Paul.

"Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms."

"Logic tells us that we can make a better world in a much easier way than causing wars."

"We need to talk to people, trade with people, not go to war with them."

We should take the advice of both Pauls when dealing with foreign policy. We should set a good example at home, and spread our ideals of freedom through peaceful means, not bombs falling from the sky. None of the other Republican candidates endorse this view. Even Huckabee who, like President Bush, wears his faith on his sleeve to make sure everyone knows that he is a Christian.

The Apostle Paul mentioned this type of men in his letter as well. He wrote "Oh don’t worry; we wouldn’t dare say that we are as wonderful as these other men who tell you how important they are! But they are only comparing themselves with each other, using themselves as the standard measurement. How ignorant!" 2 Cor. 10:12.

At the debate Huckabee stated that the Bible was the living Word of God. Maybe its time he re-read God’s Word.

Israeli flagBlossoming Jewish Support for Ron Paul in Israel?

Thursday, October 11, 2007 -

At least one small MeetUp group for Ron Paul has taken hold in Israel, where sources say support for the GOP Jeffersonian conservative presidential candidate is blossoming. Others are in the works as well, sources say.

These international sources add that GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul's foreign policy of non-intervention is dear to the hearts of more and more Jews in Israel, as well as in America. "What people who have not been to Israel, or lived there extensively, do not understand is that there are plenty of Jews in Israel who do not want the kind of aid and support that America offers. They think it is making things worse."

Ron Paul Letter From a Soldier

Tuesday, December 04, 2007 -

This is why I am taking my personal revolution and joining forces with Dr. Ron Paul’s revolution. His “bring all the troops home” non-intervention foreign policy and plans to put America first again are just what we need at this time in our history. I don’t expect you to agree with everything he says, but I do hope we can all put our differences aside and join him in seeing that ALL the troops come home, the Republic is restored and America saved.

Straw Polls where Ron Paul has come in 1st place:

To date, Ron Paul has won twice as many Straw Polls as Mitt Romney who comes in a distant second.

Straw Polls in 1st place
Wake County Young Republicans Straw Poll (Raleigh, NC)12/06/200753.0%
City High School Practice Caucus (Iowa City, IA)12/04/2007 25.9%
Republican Party of Virginia Straw Poll (Arlington, VA) 12/1/2007 38.0%
The Patriot Primary Straw Poll AM 1280 (Minnetonka, MN) 11/28/2007 48.0%
Republican Abroad Korea Straw Poll (Seoul, Korea) 11/17/2007 50.0%
Fresno County GOP Straw Poll, Fresno, CA 11/15/2007 35.0%
New York State Republican Straw Poll, New York City, NY 11/6/2007 43.3%
South Sound Ronald Reagan Republican Club, Tacoma, WA 11/01/2007 37.7%
Springfield Metropolitan Republican Club, Springfield, MO 11/01/2007 77.3%
Laramie County GOP Straw Poll, Cheyenne, WY 10/28/2007 48.0%
Conservative Leadership Conference, Reno, Nevada 10/13/2007 33.0%
Jefferson County, Alabama Straw Poll 10/13/2007 57.8%
Tulsa State Fair, Oklahoma 10/07/2007 41.5%
Oregon Straw Poll- Portland, Oregon 10/07/2007 67.0%
Gwinnett County GOP, Atlanta, Georgia 9/30/2007 36.2%
CWA New Jersey GOP 9/29/2007 77.0%
South Sound Ronald Reagan Republican Club 9/26/2007 35.0%
Manchester, NH 9/16/2007 65.0%
Maryland 9/03/2007 27.3%
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania 8/26/2007 45.2%
DcKalb County, Georgia 8/25/2007 24.0%
Ronald Reagan Club (Washington) 8/21/2007 28.0%
West Alabama 8/18/2007 81.2%
Strafford County, NH 8/18/2007 72.2%
Gaston County, NC 8/14/2007 36.6%
Freedon Works 8/03/2007 56.0%
New Hampshire Taxpayers 7/07/2007 63.3%

Ron Paul in uniformRon Paul led ALL ‘08 candidates with over one-fourth of military contributions for Q2!

Earlier, we reported military contributions among Republican presidential candidates place Ron Paul on top at 49.5%, with nearly as much as all Republicans combined.

A more complete compilation of statistics by Phreadom shows that presidential candidate Ron Paul leads all 2008 presidential candidates in military contributions from the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and war veterans. Presidential candidate Ron Paul leads with an impressive one-fourth* of all contributions this second quarter according to newly released data from the FEC.

Ron Paul currently has more cash-on-hand than John McCain this quarter, and this new information is indicative of Ron Paul's success. It appears that our soldiers and war veterans have an affinity to, or inclination for Ron Paul's non-intervention principle - defending our homeland and pursuing terrorists, but no nation-building.

Military contributions for Q2

Ron Paul 26.23%
Barack Obama 24.02%
John McCain 18.31%
Hillary Clinton 11.08%
Bill Richardson 5.59%
Mitt Romney 4.05%
John Edwards 2.63%
Rudy Giuliani 2.44%
Mike Huckabee 1.84%
Tom Tancredo 1.63%
Duncan Hunter 1.05%
Joe Biden 0.84%
Mike Gravel 0.16%
Sam Brownback 0.07%
Dennis Kucinich 0.05%
Tommy Thompson 0%
Chris Dodd 0%
Jim Gilmore 0%
John Cox 0%